About Us

Welcome to TRUTH Hair Company;

We are excited to have expanded our brand, TRUTH Hair Company to offer our clients the best Virgin Hair in London at affordable prices. TRUTH Hair delivers 100% Virgin and Raw Human Hair for all nationalities and cultures, with a long-life span and great quality. We offer double drawn cuticle, which allows you to style your thick long-lasting hair without worrying about shedding or getting it tangled. Truth Hair also supplies transparent closures, hand tied swiss lace, as well as wigs, which are custom made with a few pre-made wig units. We are happy that our clients are now able purchase quality in our HAIR SHOP.

The founder and Senior stylist Lady Emma Dapaah a fully qualified hairdresser, has over 15 years of experience in the hair & beauty industry. Former Salon owner turned Mobile Hair Stylist, Emma has used her time working with her ear to the ground and with brands to source what she knows the high street stores and salons are not providing at competitive margins.


TRUTH Hair Company runs as an extension of TRUTH QMH where you can book services ranging from bridal, commercial photoshoots, video shoots and fashion shows as while as mobile services.

TRUTH QMH mission is to Inspire, Educate and Maintain HEALTHY hair for all textures

Founders quote: “Working as a Hair Technician for many years, I believe it is one of my callings to lift their spirit of women by enhancing the beauty they already own. I love my profession as it enables me to meet people from all different walks of life; beautify them and make them feel encouraged in their respective lives.

Founders Story;

Hey Beautiful

Welcome to our website

I’ve always done hair as it has just came naturally to me having a mother who was also a hairdresser, I grew up in the salon. I practised doing hair on my mum, as whiles being the oldest of three sisters I had no choice but to learn.

I was the young girl that you would find doing hair in the playground, in the toilets and you could catch me in the classroom braiding or sewing in a loose track during break on a teachers head lol. On the weekends I would jump on buses to go to clients houses or they would come to me at my dads where I grew up.

It just came easy to me but I still didn’t think it was something I wanted to do.

I never knew I could use this talent to bless others, I always had just seen it as a side hustle a way of survival until I decided to give this hairdressing go and take it seriously. I quit my bank job, went into partnership to open a salon, went back to college to get my qualifications, Fast forward and here we are now.

Today you have become part of my journey and I want to say Thank You.


Truth Fact

The three stages of hair growth are the anagen, catagen, and telogen phases. Each strand of hair on the human body is at its own stage of development. Once the cycle is complete, it restarts and a new strand of hair begins to form.